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Nanjing Hicin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Brief Introduction

Nanjing Hicin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is a High-Tech enterprise which is specialized in producing pharmaceutical preparations, manufacturing synthetic chemicals, conducting new drug R and D as well as technical transferring. The company is located in Nanjing Economical Technological Development Zone with convenient transportation and nice environment. The enterprise is operated under the conditions of fresh air, lower quantity of dust in atmosphere and of huge green surfaces. There isn’t any contamination source in surroundings. Production area, living area, administration area and auxiliary area are rationally distributed within company strictly in accordance with the requirements of GMP.

The enterprise has established several modern workshops of sterile lyophilized powder, cephalosporin lyophilized powder and solid dosage forms (including tablets, capsules and granules) as well as synthetic APIs. Advanced production facilities and sophisticated production equipment and machines have been installed in all workshops. The company produces 7 series of the medicines:antivirals, antibiotics, endocrine drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, orthopedic drugs, drugs for cardio-cerebral system and immuno-modulate agents which are processed into several dosage forms. The APIs, Omeprazole Sodium for Injection, cefepime hydrochloride for Injection and lansoprazole tablets are exported into South-Asian countries, South-American countries and European countries.

The company has a staff of more than 300 people, among whom above 80% are graduated from universities and colleges majoring pharmacy, medicine, chemistry, bioengineering etc. Apart from that there are more than 20 experts and professionals having PhD degree and master degree. Here it should be especially emphasized that all above technical people possess a higher professional level and richer management experiences. They play an excellent role in our drug production, research and development of new drugs, products sale and marketing, as well as other jobs involved with drug production.

The enterprise has set up a perfect quality assurance department and actively accomplished the GMP management. The department is staffed with sufficient number of full-time quality people who have received a strict professional training. They conduct an efficient analyses and monitoring on the raw materials, intermediates and finished products (both preparations and APIs). The Quality Assurance Department is armed with all kinds of sophisticated instruments which are sufficient to conduct all analyses of our company.

The company has built its R&D center of 9600m2 situated in Jiangsu Life Science and Technology Innovation Park.

The company wholly acquired Zhenjiang Dery Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in 2013 as its manufacturing base of APIs and intermediates.

The company completed the shareholding reform in 2013 to prepare for the listing.

On January 12, 2017, the company successfully landed A-share market, officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. to achieve the real economy and capital operation simultaneously.

Up to now the center has been awarded 100 pieces of New Drug Certificates by SFDA, and more than 20 invention patents. 10 kinds of new drugs have been conferred the awards of National, Provincial, City Science and Technology.

Our conception of environmental production is to develop production and to protect environment. Our purpose is to build up green enterprise of 21st century. All the environment protection measures have reached the national standard and certified by national authority and agency. In recent years, the company has been awarded the titles of “National High-Tech Enterprise”and “Advanced Collection of Technical Innovation”.

Our company will keep pace with the latest developments of our age, pursuing continuous innovations and cooperating with domestic and foreign enterprises, scientific institutions and businessman from all over the world to study each other advantage and common benefits.

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